18th National Olympic Academy

Jolene Ang (second from right) participated in the 18th NOA session organised by Olympic Council of Malaysia

21 Mar 2015

An account by Ms Jolene Ang of Singapore Sailing Federation who attended the 18th National Olympic Academy Session for Young Participants in Malaysia

The 18th National Olympic Academy Session for Young Participants was held in Kuala Lumpur on 16 March – 20 March 2015 with participants from Malaysia and representatives from 12 other countries. This session taught us to live the Olympic values and how we can promote the values among our peers and within organisations.

The programme started out with an interactive session between the participants and the Olympic Council of Malaysia’s Executive Board. This session helped me understand Malaysia’s sport system, how their National Sport Associations operate and the underlying problems that arises in between.

Participants were also split into different groups for discussions debating topics such as anti-doping.

One of the programme’s activities was the “Hashplorace” where groups were given quizzes amd tasks to fulfill while trekking up the mountain. It wasn’t an easy trail as the route was steep. However, everyone demonstrated friendship as we waited and looked out for one another. It was heartening to see everyone looking out and making sure the people around are hydrated and going strong as we want to finish this “Hashplorace” together as a group but not as individuals.

At the end of the session, each group had a presentation for the International Night where participants were dressed in their own ‘Traditional Costume’ to share with other participants the tradition and culture each different country have.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to participate in the 18th NOA Session, as it was a fruitful experience for me. I get to meet many like-minded international friends who share the same interest and most participants are working or studying in the sports sector, making it a good sharing experience as we come together and understand different countries culture and the differences in our sport system.