SNOC Athletes’ Commission

The SNOC Athletes’ Commission is a body maintained by the Singapore National Olympic Council for the purpose of representing athletes in Singapore.

Members of the SNOC Athletes’ Commission (Year 2014 – 2017) were nominated by the National Sports Associations through election by their athletes at the 2013 SEA Games.

Our vision is to promote a conductive, supportive and sustainable environment to enable athletes in Singapore to achieve their potential. We will aim to champion and establish opportunities or platforms for athletes to connect, develop, to be educated and be heard.

The areas that the SNOC AC will be focusing in this term include:

  1. Athlete Career & Transition
  2. Athletes’ Education
  3. Policies
  4. Athletes Engagement

We will also continue to promote the values of Olympism, sporting excellence and fair play; and maintaining contact with the International Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission.

The members of the SNOC Athletes’ Commission (year 2014-2017) are:

  • Yip Ren Kai (Water Polo) – Chairperson
  • Ruth Ng (Fencing) – Vice Chairperson
  • Jasmine Yeong Nathan (Bowling) – Honorary Secretary
  • Mark Chay (Swimming)
  • Dipna Lim Prasad (Athletics)
  • Lim Heem Wei (Gymnastics)
  • Annabelle Ng (Canoeing)
  • Ng PeiRu (Karate)
  • Jasmine Ser (Shooting)
  • Aqilah Binte Sudhir (Shooting)
  • Derek Wong (Badminton)

To contact the SNOC Athletes’ Commission, please email