2017 Asian Youth Games

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The hosting of the inaugural Singapore Asian Youth Games in 2009 was first mooted in Singapore’s candidature document for the inaugural 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG). It was deemed a part of the YOG legacy and would serve as an ideal test event in preparation for Singapore’s staging of the Singapore 2010 YOG.

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) approved of Singapore hosting of the AYG in 2009 at the 52nd OCA Executive Board Meeting held in Bangkok on 3rd April 2008.

The 1st Asian Youth Games Singapore 2009 will be a regional event open to all 45 OCA member nations and is expected to feature about 1,100 athletes aged between 14 and 17 years. The 9 sports offered are Aquatics (Diving and Swimming), Athletics, FIBA 3-on-3, Beach Volleyball, Bowling, Football, Sailing, Shooting and Table Tennis.


The three primary objectives of AYG are:

  • To gather the youth from around the region in celebration of youth, sports and learning;
  • To provide a platform for youth in Asia to engage in friendly competition and imbibe the Olympic sporting values of excellence, friendship and respect; and
  • To act as a forum for learning, cultural exchange and friendship amongst the youth.

Other than sports competitions, the AYG will also incorporate cultural and educational programmes into its itinerary so as to create a holistic learning experience for all participants. The focus is therefore on attaining a right mix between competitive sports, culture and education.

New Hui FenBowlingGirl's SinglesGold2009
New Hui Fen
Darshini Krishna
BowlingGirl's DoublesGold2009
Basil LowBowlingBoy's MastersGold2009
Darren Choy Wong LoongSailingBoys Byte CIIGold2009
Lynette Lim Shu-EnSwimmingGirl's 400m FreestyleGold2009
Quah Ting WenSwimmingGirl's 200m FreestyleGold2009
Quah Ting WenSwimmingGirl's 50m FreestyleGold2009
Quah Ting WenSwimmingGirl's 100m FreestyleGold2009
Koh Hui Yu
Quah Ting Wen
Amanda Lim Xiang Qi
Lynette Lim Shu-En
SwimmingGirl's 4x100m Freestyle RelayGold2009
New Hui FenBowlingGirl's MastersSilver2009
New Hui Fen
Darshini Krishna
Anthea Soh
Ilma Nur Jannah
BowlingGirl's TeamSilver2009
Basil Low
Brandon Lee
Christopher Hwang
Justin Lim
BowlingBoy's TeamSilver2009
Najwa JumaliSailingGirls Byte CIISilver2009
Amanda Lim Xiang QiSwimmingGirl's 50m FreestyleSilver2009
Amanda Lim Xiang QiSwimmingGirl's 100m FreestyleSilver2009
Sean Lim Zi QingAthleticsBoy's Pole VaultBronze2009
Melissa Wu Qin YuAthleticsGirl's Long JumpBronze2009
Inez Leong Hui XinAthleticsGirl's 100m HurdlesBronze2009
Shahrir Mohd AnuarAthleticsBoy's 100mBronze2009
Brandon Lee
Christopher Hwang
BowlingBoy's DoublesBronze2009
Darshini KrishnaBowlingGirl's MastersBronze2009
Audrey Yong Pei LinSailingGirls Bic Techno 293Bronze2009
Najwa Jumali
Darren Choy Wong Loong
Audrey Yong Pei Lin
Chuah Jun Ler
SailingNation's TrophyBronze2009
Abel Lim Wen YiShootingBoys 10m Air RifleBronze2009
Roanne Ho Ru'EnSwimmingGirls 50m BackstrokeBronze2009
Lionel Khoo Chien YinSwimmingBoys 50m BackstrokeBronze2009
Rainer Ng Kai WeeSwimmingBoys 100m BackstrokeBronze2009
Rainer Ng Kai Wee
Lionel Khoo Chien Yin
Dzulhali Mohd Kamal
Clement Lim Yong'En
SwimmingBoys 4x100m Medley RelayBronze2009
Quah Ting Wen
Roanne Ho Ru'En
Lynette Lim Shu-En
Amanda Lim Xiang Qi
SwimmingGirls 4x100m Medley RelayBronze2009
Isabelle Li
Clarence Chew Zheyu
Tay Jit Kiat
Chau Haiqing
Table TennisMixed TeamBronze2009
Quah Zheng WenSwimmingBoy's 200m ButterflyGold2013
Quah Zheng WenSwimmingBoy's 200m BackstrokeGold2013
Quah Zheng WenSwimmingBoy's 200m Individual MedleyGold2013
Samantha Louisa Ginn YeoSwimmingGirl's 50m BreaststrokeGold2013
Darren LimSwimmingBoy's 50m FreestyleGold2013
Quah Zheng WenSwimmingBoy's 200m FreestyleSilver2013
Samantha Louisa Ginn YeoSwimmingGirl's 100m BreaststrokeSilver2013
Samantha Louisa Ginn YeoSwimmingGirl's 200m BreaststrokeSilver2013
Darren LimSwimmingBoy's 50m ButterflySilver2013
Nur Marina ChanSwimmingGirl's 50m FreestyleSilver2013
Nur Marina ChanSwimmingGirl's 100m FreestyleSilver2013
Meagan LimSwimmingGirl's 100m ButterflySilver2013
Jerryl Yong
Darren Lim
Jeremy Tan
Quah Zheng Wen
SwimmingBoy's 4x100m Freestyle RelaySilver2013
Samantha Yeo
Rachel Tseng
Hoong En Qi
Nur Marina Chan
SwimmingGirl's 4x100m Freestyle RelaySilver2013
Samantha Yeo
Stacy Tan
Meagan Lim
Nur Marina Chan
SwimmingGirl's 4x100m Medley RelaySilver2013
Sean TayShootingBoy's 10m Air RifleSilver2013
Teh Xiu YiShootingGirl's 10m Air PistolSilver2013
Christopher CheongSwimmingBoy's 100m BreaststrokeBronze2013
Jerryl Yong
Darren Lim
Christopher Cheong
Quah Zheng Wen
SwimmingBoy's 4x100m Medley RelayBronze2013
Martina Lindsay VelosoShootingGirl's 10m Air RifleBronze2013
Choy Yu YongFencingBoy's Sabre IndividualBronze2013
Jolie Lee FencingGirl's Sabre IndividualBronze2013
2009SingaporeSingaporeMr Lee Wung Yew
2013ChinaNanjing Ms Tan Paey Fern
2017IndonesiaJakarta-[Event cancelled]