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Wang Yue Gu

Wang Yue GuWang Yue Gu has shot up the table tennis rankings with lightning speed. The 26 year-old now ranks now ranks with world-class players such as Zhang Yining, Li Jiawei and Kim Kyung Ah. She is currently 8th on the list.

In the ITTF Pro Tour Chinese Taipei 2006, her efforts against some of the world’s best players saw her coming in 3rd in the Women’s Singles event. However, Yue Gu wasn’t content to claim 3rd place at her next event. At the ITTF Pro Tour Korea Open, she came in 2nd in Women’s Singles. For her subsequent events, Wang Yue Gu went for the gold and won the titles at both the ITTF Pro Tour Japan Open and the ITTF Pro Tour German Open.

Jovial yet determined, Wang Yue Gu personifies the character of an Olympic champion.

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