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Special Award

2010 Quah Ting Wen – Swimming

Most Inspiring Young Athlete

2006 Joscelin Yeo – Swimming

Joscelin Yeo has been Singapore’s most consistent performer at the South East Asian Games ever since 1993 when she won an astonishing nine gold medals. In 2005, a long 12 years later, Joscelin won six gold medals—a remarkable feat given the current era of athlete specialization. In total, Joscelin has won a total of 40 SEA Games gold medals and set many records. She has been one of Singapore’s most enduring athletes and sports ambassadors, and the Singapore National Olympic Council is proud to present this Special Award to Joscelin for her many years of great performances.

2004 National Water Polo Teams, 1965 – 2003 SEA Games

A 40-year winning streak doesn’t seem possible in sports, but Singapore has won every gold medal in water polo at the SEA Games since 1965. New players on the National Team have been added, developed into stars and then retired. However, the Singapore Water Polo team has always been able to play as a single unbeatable force throughout the decades. When the 2003 National team won Singapore’s 20th consecutive water polo gold medal at the SEA Games in Vietnam, it was as much a tribute to players long retired as it was to existing players. This Special Award is dedicated to all of the players who contributed to Singapore’s long success at in water polo at the SEA Game. Through diligence, determination, commitment and, most of all, team work, our water polo teams have epitomized the Team Singapore ‘fighting spirit.’ The Singapore National Olympic Council is pleased to award the Special Award to the National Water Polo Teams of the last 20 SEA Games.

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