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Beijing 2008

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games was by far the largest contingent sent by the SNOC to any Olympic Games (post independence). The contingent included a total of 49 athletes and officials (25 athletes and 24 officials). Table tennis player, Li Jiawei, was selected as flagbearer for the Games. Singapore competed in six out of 28 sports, they are: Athletics, Badminton, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming and Table Tennis.

The target set for the contingent was to win one medal, in line with SNOC’s declared objective for Project 0812, to win an Olympic medal by the 2012 Olympic Games. The table tennis women’s team met the target winning a silver medal in the Table Tennis Women’s team event, Singapore’s first medal since 1960.

The athletes who represented Singapore in the 2008 Olympic Games are:

1. Tao Li (Swimming)
2. Lynette Lim (Swimming)
3. Quah Ting Wen (Swimming)
4. Nicolette Teo (Swimming)
5. Bryan Tay (Swimming)
6. Calvin Kang (Athletics)
7. Zhang Guirong (Athletics)
8. Lee Wung Yew (Shooting)
9. Koh Seng Leong (Sailing)
10. Lo Manyi (Sailing)
11. Xu Yuan Zhen (Sailing)
12. Terence Koh (Sailing)
13. Toh Liying (Sailing)
14. Deborah Ong (Sailing)
15. Ronald Susilo (Badminton)
16. Xing Aiying (Badminton)
17. Li Yujia (Badminton)
18. Jiang Yanmei (Badminton)
19. Hendri Saputra (Badminton)
20. Gao Ning (Table Tennis)
21. Yang Zi (Table Tennis)
22. Cai Xiao Li (Table Tennis)
23. Li Jiawei (Table Tennis)
24. Wang Yuegu (Table Tennis)
25. Feng Tianwei (Table Tennis)

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