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NOC Internship Programme

NOC Internship with SNOC from 17 September to 17 December 2011

SNOC family

Jane (seated 2nd from left) with the SNOC family for her farewell lunch.

The NOC Internship Programme is an International Olympic Committee (IOC) Olympic Solidarity (OS) Programme to allow certain National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and their staff members to gain sports management experience through internship on a short term basis within an NOC with a developed structure in a specific area of management. The SNOC was privileged to host our first NOC Intern, Ms Jane Felicia Wong, from the Fiji Association of Sports and NOC, from 17 September to 17 December 2011. The focus area of the internship was “SNOC’s preparation, support and operations for the 26th SEA Games 2011″. Jane has obliged with a short report on her internship.

“During my internship at the Singapore National Olympic Committee as an Assistant Administration Officer, I gained a lot of insight which broadened my knowledge in the daily operations of the SNOC preparations leading up to 26th South East Asia Games. In gaining more knowledge, I became more confident in dealing in my area of work and with the officers I worked with, professional in delivering the tasks that I was given within the set timeline and using my initiative more on all occasions even without supervision.

My experiences during this internship are invaluable. I learned the importance of making people your priority in any organization. A happy work force is an efficient malleable workforce. Although I had been exposed to various cultures growing up, it was a great exercise in rapid adaptation to a society I was almost completely unfamiliar with. I was able to observe first hand the workings of a dynamic and highly competitive organization; by mastering the concept of SNOC.

I would like to thank the Olympic Solidarity for giving me this opportunity. This internship has allowed me to take back to Fiji NOC (FASANOC) new ideas involving operations and has upgraded my skills as an administrator.

I wish SNOC all the best with their future internships and a successful 2012.”

Jane Wong
Team Fiji Administrator
Fiji Association of Sports And National Olympic Committee

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