Singapore Olympic Academy

The Education Branch of the Singapore National Olympic Council

Logo SOAThe Singapore Olympic Academy serves as the education branch of the Singapore National Olympic Council. It is responsible for preserving and introducing the Olympic Movement to Singapore’s academics, sports administrators and physical education teachers and, ultimately, the next generation of competitive athletes.

Housed at the National Institute of Education, in the Physical Education & Sports Science Academic Group, the SOA sponsors teaching and research within the framework of the Olympic Movement. It encourages teachers to instill the Olympic spirit within their students as well.

The SOA also will study social and pedagogical principles of Olympism within our own cultural context. Thus, it acts as a centre of scholarship, consistent with the research role of the university.

The SOA is affiliated to the International Olympic Academy, a multicultural, interdisciplinary centre that studies, enriches, and promotes Olympism. Launched in 1961, the IOA closely follows the objectives of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympics Games. “Olympism is not a system,” said de Coubertin. “It is a state of mind. It can permeate a wide variety of modes of expression, and no single race or era can claim to have the monopoly of it.”

Key Responsibilities of the SOA

  • Assist in the systematic spread of Olympic Education into Singapore’s schools
  • Organise and hold annual academic sessions for young people, from Singapore and abroad
  • Teach Olympism-based modules and units in the Physical Education and Sports Science Academic Group at NIE
  • Sponsor young Singaporeans, educators and administrators to various sessions held at the International Olympic Academy at Olympia, Greece
  • Support research projects, domestically and internationally, with ties to the Olympic Movement and its ideals
  • Promote the collection and distribution of data related to Olympic Studies
  • Deliver outreach activities such as school presentations, public forums, and speeches on historical perspectives
  • Organise learning activities at the Olympic Day Run
  • Lead educational tours to ancient and modern Games’ sites
  • Publish and distribute the SOA’s newsletter AGON
  • Create and maintain the Olympic Education website

The Board of Governors

Chairman :  Mr. Ng Ser Miang (IOC Member)
Deputy Chairman and Principal :  Dr. Chew Wai Cheong Eugene
Honorary Secretary :  Dr. Koh Koon Teck
Head of Olympic Studies :  Dr. Nick Aplin
Head of Olympic Education :  Dr. Steven Tan
Dy. Head of Olympic Education :  Mr. Mohammed Azhar Bin Yusof
Board Members :  Mr. Chris Chan (SNOC)
:  Mr. Ong Kim Soon (Dy. Director, Physical & Sport Education Branch of the Ministry of Education)
:  Dr. Tan Eng Liang (Olympians Singapore)
:  Mr. Lee Wung Yew (Athletes’ Commission)
:  Dr. Quek Jin Jong (Senior Academy Fellow)
:  Ms. Clarice Lim (SOA Alumni)

Contact Us

Singapore Olympic Academy (SOA)
c/o Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS)
National Institute of Education (NIE)
Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616
Tel: (65) 6790 3696
Fax: (65) 6896 9260