A tribute to Annabel Pennefather from the SNOC Women in Sport Committee

Annabel (centre) with Zhao Jinhong (left), a sports psychologist at the Singapore Sports Institute, and Olympic medallist Wang Yuegu (right) in 2016

27 Apr 2020

Today, a great role model and friend of women and girls in sport passed away, but not without leaving a lasting legacy and her indelible mark on many of our personal lives, the work we do and the causes we champion.

In 1996, Annabel attended the 1st IOC World Conference on Women and Sport in Lausanne, and she has never looked back, blazing the trail for many of us, both men and women, in the world of sports and beyond. In recognition of her contributions, she was awarded the IOC Women in Sport Trophy (Asia) in 2005.

She always made time for the individual, taking a personal interest in his or her passions and pursuits. Always on the look out for keen girls and women with potential, she encouraged us to dare to step out and up to be counted and challenged us to aspire to greater heights and be of service to others, for the betterment of the sporting community. And if it was within her sphere of influence, she would create opportunities and provide a platform through which people could learn, grow and contribute.

For many of the members of the SNOC Women in Sport Committee, she has been an advisor, a coach, a mentor, a Chef de Mission, and most of all, a dear friend.

Thank you and farewell, Annabel.