Asian Games 2018 Selection Info for NSAs

26 Sep 2017

The 18th Asian Games, Jakarta Palembang 2018
18 August to 2 September 2018 (correct at 8 August 2017)

1. Nomination Criteria

  • NSAs seeking to nominate athletes for the Games should establish qualifying standards and criteria which these athletes should satisfy in the NSA sanctioned championships and time trials.
  • In their nominations, NSAs should state clearly the justification for the athletes to be selected.
  • Athletes must be Singapore Citizens at the time of nomination.

2. Selection Criteria

  • Athletes who have currently achieved at least 6th placing e.g. time/distance/score/mark of the 2014 Asian Games. For team sports, they should currently be ranked 6th among the Asian Games countries.
  • Athletes/Teams who missed the qualifying standard marginally, but show potential to equal or surpass it in time for the Games.
  • All achievements submitted for consideration should have taken place at NSA sanctioned championships and time trials, but NSAs may submit the achievements from overseas championships and meets of athletes studying in overseas tertiary institutions. However, these have to be properly accredited to be accepted.
  • All achievements should be achieved within a thirteen-month period before the 2018 Asian Games.
  • Must not be serving any periods of ineligibility with respect to anti-doping rule violations and are in compliance with all applicable anti-doping rules and requirements.
  • Athletes who retired from sport while in the International Federation’s (IF) or Anti-Doping Singapore’s (ADS) Registered Testing Pool or any other testing pools must have provided written notice of return to competitive sport to the relevant IF or ADS at least 6 months prior to the first competition.

3. Other Considerations

In addition to the above selection criteria, the following “qualities” of the athletes will be taken into consideration (which should be included in each NSA’s Selection Policy and Procedures):

  • Attitude and behavior;
  • Current skill level and fitness;
  • Level of commitment and attendance;
  • Potential for future development;
  • Ability to demonstrate team spirit and work well with team mates.

4. Extenuating Circumstances

In consideration the performance and “qualities” of athletes, the selectors may at their discretion give consideration to extenuating circumstances. For this purpose, “extenuating circumstances” mean an inability of the athlete to compete in and/or attend event, training camps or other required attendances arising from:

  • Injury or illness;
  • Equipment failure;
  • Travel delays;
  • Bereavement;
  • Such other circumstances as the selectors may consider to be relevant.

5. Selection and Appeals

  • The SNOC Selection Committee will meet to discuss the nominations from NSAs and select athletes/teams for the 2018 Asian Games in accordance with the schedule (paragraph 6) below.
  • NSAs can submit appeals to the SNOC Appeals Committee for athletes/teams who are not selected at the Selection Committee. In the appeals, NSAs have to provide new information that meets the selection criteria, information which had not been previously submitted to the Selection Committee.

6. Schedule

The schedule for the Asian Games will be guided by the Organising Committee’s timeline. The tentative schedule is as follows:

ItemsEstimatedExplanatory Notes
Submission of Nomination
forms and Accreditation to SNOC
April 2018Nomination Forms
- Athlete’s/Team’s achievement(s) vis-à-vis Asian Games countries from July 2017 (if
there are no head-to-head results, extrapolation of results is permitted:

Example 1: In the World/Asian ranking, our athlete/team is placed ahead of any of the top 6th placed athlete/team of the 2014 Asian Games.

Example 2: Our athlete/team reached the Round of 16 of the World Championships whilst one of the top 6th placed athlete/team in the 2014 Asian Games was eliminated in the Round of 16.

Example 3: Our athlete/team defeated an athlete/team who beat one of the top 6th placed athlete/team.

Accreditation (long list)
Requirements: passport biodata page, recent passport photo and details required by the Organising Committee.
NSA are to submit all athletes who have a realistic chance; and are going for relevant competitions to qualify for the Games.
SNOC Selection Committee May 2018SNOC will inform NSAs on the athletes selected by the Selection Committee.
Submission of appeals to SNOCJune 2018Athletes/teams who do not meet the mark and are not selected can submit new competition results to the Appeals Committee.
SNOC Appeals Committee June 2018SNOC will inform NSAs on the athletes selected by the Appeals Committee. There will not be a Re-Appeals Committee convened. Athletes/Teams will have till 3 days before the Entry By Name deadline to clearly meet the 6th- placed mark; to allow the Secretariat time to circulate to the Committee members for approval.
Entry by Name DeadlineJuly 2018NSAs will be required to submit their Entry By Names to SNOC two weeks before the Organising Committee’s deadline for the Secretariat to check the details.