2022 Asian Games

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The Asian Games, also known as Asiad, is a Pancontinental multi-sport event held every four years among athletes from all over Asia. The Games were regulated by the Asian Games Federation (AGF) from the first Games in New Delhi, India, until the 1978 Games. Since the 1982 Games they have been organized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), after the breakup of the Asian Games Federation. The Games are recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and are described as the second largest multi-sport event after the Olympic Games.

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In its history, nine nations have hosted the Asian Games. Forty-six nations have participated in the Games, including Israel, which was excluded from the Games after their last participation in 1974. The last Games was held in Incheon, South Korea from 19 September to 4 October 2014.

Wiebe WoltersSwimming100m FreestyleSilver1951
Lionel Chee
Tan Hwee Hock
Neo Chwee Kok
Swimming3x100m Medley RelaySilver1951
Kee Soon Bee
Tan Hwee Hock
Lionel Chee
Ho Kian Bin
Keith Mitchell
Wiebe Wolters
Tan Wee Eng
Barry Mitchell
Lorenza DowdeswellAthleticsWomen's 80m Hurdles (13.5)Silver1951
Neo Chwee KokSwimming400m Freestyle (5:13.8)Gold1951
Lorenza DowdeswellAthleticsWomen's 200m (27.2)Silver1951
Neo Chwee Kok
Lionel Chee
Wiebe Wolters
Barry Mitchell
Swimming4 x 100m Freestyle (4:19.8)Gold1951
Neo Chwee KokSwimming1500m FreestyleGold1951
Neo Chwee KokSwimming800m Freestyle (11:02.2)Gold1951
Ng Liang ChiangAthletics110m Hurdles (15.2)Gold1951
Lloyd ValbergAthletics110m Hurdles (15.7)Bronze1951
Ng Liang ChiangAthletics400m Hurdles (57.6)Bronze1951
Peter Ho Foom OnnWeightliftingMen 67.5kgSilver1951
Kok Cheong CheongWeightliftingMen 82.5kgSilver1951
Chan Onn LengAthletics400m Hurdles (54.8)Silver1954
Bulat Bin IsmailBoxingWelterweight (up to 67kg)Silver1954
Neo Chwee Kok
Lionel Chee
Ong Choon Lim
Tan Teow Choon
Wiebe Wolters
Swimming4 x 200m Freestyle (9:27.0)Silver1954
Tang Pei WahAthletics80m Hurdles (12.1)Bronze1954
Kee Soon Bee
Tan Hwee Hock
Tan Eng Bock
Ho Kian Bin
Gan Eng Teck
Oh Chwee Hock
Wiebe Wolters
Keith Mitchell
Chay Wong YewWeightliftingFeatherweight (60kg)Bronze1954
Harold de CastroWeightliftingLight heavyweight (82.5kg)Bronze1954
Neo Chwee KokSwimming100m Freestyle (58.2)Bronze1954
Mary KlassAthletics100m (12.5)Silver1954
Tan Howe LiangWeightliftingLightweight (67.5kg)Gold1958
Andrew Lim
Derek George Mitchell
Gan Eng Teck
Eric Yeo
Gan Eng Guan
Thio Gim-Hock
John Barry Mitchell
Tan Eng Bock
Tan Eng Liang
Jacinto DiazBoxingBantamweightBronze1958
Austin Derrick DunsfordBoxingFeatherweightBronze1958
Lim Wai Sheng
Lim Jin Choon
Goh Soo Nam
Sim Poh Lin
Table TennisMen's TeamBronze1962
Fred B De SouzaShootingSmall Bore Rifle Prone 50m (583 points)Gold1962
C KunalanAthletics100m (10.5)Silver1966
Patricia Chan Li-YinSwimming100m Back (1:15.2)Bronze1966
Tan Thuan HengSwimming400m Freestyle (4:29.9)Silver1966
David Lim
Gan Eng Teck
Gan Eng Guan
Gan Eng Joo
Thio Gim-Hock
Pang Tee Aun
Su Hong Zee
Tan Eng Bock
Tan Eng Liang
Tan Thuan Heng
Tan Yam Cheng
Chua Phung KimWeightlifting56kgSilver1966
Cheong Wai HingAthleticsWomen's High JumpBronze1966
Tan Thuan HengSwimming200m Freestyle (2:04.8)Silver1966
Eu MichaelSwimming100m Back (1:15.2)Bronze1966
Alex Chan Meng WahSwimming200m Back (2:27.1)Bronze1966
Patricia Chan Li-YinSwimming200m Medley (2:42.2)Bronze1966
Patricia Chan Li-Yin
Tay Chin Joo
Tay Molly
Jovina Tseng
Swimming4 x 100m Freestyle (4:50.6)Bronze1966
C Kunalan
Natahar Bava
Gunasena Migale
Ho Mun Cheong
Athletics4 x 400m (3:13.4)Bronze1966
Glory Barnabas
Schushila Wadhumal
Maimoon Abu Bakar
Gan Bee Wah
Athletics4 x 100mSilver1970
Patricia Chan Li-YinSwimming400m Freestyle (4:52.4)Silver1970
Patricia Chan Li-Yin
Elaine Sng Poh Chuan
Jovina Tseng
Tay Chin Joo
Swimming4 x 100m Freestyle (4:26.4)Silver1970
Patricia Chan Li-Yin
Tan Guek Keow Esther
Tay Chin Joo
Elaine Sng Poh Chuan
Swimming4 x 100m Medley (4:55.8)Silver1970
David Low
James Tham
SailingFireball Class TeamSilver1970
Yeo See TeckSailingMoth ClassSilver1970
C KunalanAthletics100m (10.5)Bronze1970
C KunalanAthletics200m (21.5)Bronze1970
Tan Thuan HengSwimming100m Freestyle (56.4)Bronze1970
Patricia Chan Li-YinSwimming100m Freestyle (1:03.4)Bronze1970
Patricia Chan Li-YinSwimming200m Freestyle (2:19.0)Bronze1970
Patricia Chan Li-YinSwimming100m Back (1:11.1)Bronze1970
Patricia Chan Li-YinSwimming200m Individual Medley (2:35.9)Bronze1970
Tay Chin JooSwimming100m Butterfly (1:08.9)Bronze1970
Alex Chan Men Wah
Soh Seng Hoi
Roy Chan Kum Wah
Tan Thuan Heng
Swimming4 x 200m Freestyle (8:35.8)Bronze1970
Godfrey Jalleh
C Kunalan
Ong Yoke Phee
Tan Say Leong
Yeo Kian Chye
Athletics4 x 100m (40.34)Bronze1974
Chee Swee LeeAthletics400m (55.08)Gold1974
Elaine Sng Poh ChuanSwimming400m Freestyle (4.26.4)Silver1974
Yeo Su Ming
Elaine Sng
Tay Chin Joo
Anne Ho
Justina Tseng
Swimming4 x 100m Medley (4:52.20)Silver1974
Yeo Su MingSwimming100m Back (W) (1:13.85)Bronze1974
Chee Swee Lee
Maimoon Bakar Azlan
Glory Barnabas
Eng Chiew Guay
Lee Tai Jong
Athletics4 x 100 (47.10)Bronze1974
Elaine Sng Poh ChuanSwimming100m Freestyle (1:04.61)Bronze1974
Elaine Sng
Tay Chin Joo
Anne Ho
Esther Tan
Justina Tseng
Swimming4 x 100m Freestyle (4:22.53)Bronze1974
Elaine Sng Poh ChuanSwimming200m Freestyle (2:19.59)Bronze1974
Chee Swee Lee
Maimoon Bakar Azlan
Glory Barnabas
Lee Tai Jong
Athletics4 x 400m (3:43.85)SilverNational record1974
Tay Chin JooSwimming100m ButterflyBronze1974
Gan Ai Tek
Ang Ban Gee
Ang Ban Leong
Ang Guan Hin
Kenneth Kee
Lionel Kongchu Liew
Michael Kitson Kong
Teo Ming Chun
Soh Seng Thit
Teo Keng Soon
Stephen Cheng Kian Kew
Junie Sng Poh LengSwimming400m Freestyle (4:31.35)Gold1978
Junie Sng Poh LengSwimming800m Freestyle (9:18.33)Gold1978
Junie Sng Poh LengSwimming200m Freestyle (2:11.08)Silver1978
Tan Kok Wah
Lewis Keng Loei Liem
SailingFireball ClassBronze1978
Wong Chin WahBowlingMen's Singles - 1212Bronze1978
Tan Swee HungYachtingOK Class (41.1)Bronze1978
Lai May May
Gillian Chee
Mavis Ee
Chan Mui Pin
Swimming4 x 100m Freestyle (4:12.02)BronzeNational Record1982
Ang Peng SiongSwimming100m Freestyle (53.0)Gold1982
Ang Peng SiongSwimming100m Butterfly (58.37)Bronze1982
Mike Wee
Jansen Chan
Ronnie Ng
BowlingMen's TrioSilver1986
Ang Peng Siong
David Lim Fong Jock
Oon Jin Gee
Tay Khoon Hean
Swimming4 x 100m Freestyle (3:31.36)Bronze1986
David Lim Fong Jock
Oon Jin Teik
Oon Jin Gee
Tay Khoon Hean
Swimming4 x 200m Freestyle (7:56.27)Bronze1986
Allan Heng
Ang Ban Leong
Ang Kiat Wee
Choo Chin Cheng
Daniel Wee
Edison Foo
Lau Kum Weng
Leong Hoe Yin
Lim Teck Yin
Matthew Tan
Tan Hong Boon
Teo Keng Soon
Tony Koh
Ang Peng SiongSwimming100m Freestyle (52.27)Bronze1986
Chng Seng MokShootingTrap 200 Targets - Individual (212)Bronze1990
Nur Hisham Adam
Eddie Abdul Kadir
Hiirulnizam S M Hamzah
Mohd Fami Mohamed
Mohd Hassan Nanang
Mohd Rafi Abdul Majid
Padzli Othman
Raffi Buang
Shaharudin Jumani
Zulkefle Khamis
Sepak TakrawTeamBronze1990
Ang Peng SiongSwimming50m Freestyle (23.33)Silver1990
Nur Hisham Adam
Eddie Abdul Kadir
Mohd Rafi Abdul Majid
Padzli Othman
Sepak TakrawReguBronze1990
Ang Peng Siong
David Lim Fong Jock
Kenneth Yeo
Harold Gan
Swimming4 x 100m Freestyle (3:31.46)Bronze1990
Chiew Hui YanWushuWomen's Changquan - Three Events Combined (28.45 pts)Bronze1994
Nurhisham Adam
Ahmad Mohd Yassin
Mislan Munjari
Mohd Fami Mohd
Sepak TakrawMen's TeamBronze1994
Joscelin YeoSwimming100m Butterfly (1.01.62)Bronze1994
Grace YoungBowlingLadies' singlesBronze1994
Siew Shaw Her
Charles Lim
SailingInternational 470 Class (17.7pts)Silver1994
Benedict TanSailingInternational Laser Class (17.4pts)Gold1994
Tan Mui BuayWushuWomen's Taijiquan (9.6 pts)Bronze1994
Della LeeSquashIndividual (Women)Bronze1998
Picasso Tan Yeow KuanWushuNanquan (Men)Bronze1998
Siew Shaw Her
Colin Ng Wee Tai
SailingInternational 420 (Men)Gold1998
Joan Huang Shiqi
Naomi Tan Ai Ming
SailingInternational 420 (Women)Gold1998
Tan Tiong BoonBillards and Snooker8-Ball Pool SinglesSilver1998
Nurhisham Adam
Ahmad Mohamad Yassin
Eddie Abdul Kadir
Herwan Abdul Wahid
Mislan Munjari
Mohamad Fami Mohamed
Mohd Irwan Kamis
Mohd Nazri Abdullah
Raffi Buang
Raimon Budin
Shamon Sabtu
Shamsaimon Sabtu
Sepak TakrawTeamBronze1998
Jesmine Ho Yen WahBowlingWomen's MasterSilver1998
Anthony Kiong Lye MingSailingInternational OK (Open)Silver1998
Charles Lim Yi Yong
Tan Wearn Haw
SailingInternational 470 (Men)Bronze1998
Roy Tay Jun HaoSailingInternational Optimist (Boys)Bronze1998
Tracey TanSailingInternational EuropeBronze1998
Alice Tay Hong Keow
Jesmine Ho Yen Wah
Grace Young
BowlingWomen's TriosBronze1998
Lee Wung Yew
Chng Seng Mok
Tan Chee Keong
ShootingDoubles Trap (Men's Team)Bronze1998
Mah Li LianSquashIndividual (Women)Bronze1998
Teo Wee ChinSailingOptimist BoysBronze2002
Joan Huang Shiqi
Toh Liying
Sailing420 WomenBronze2002
Remy OngBowlingMen MastersGold2002
Remy Ong
Sam Goh Heng Soon
Lee Yu Wen
BowlingMen TriosGold2002
Ibrahim SihatBodybuildingFlyweight (60kg)Silver2002
Mohammed Ismail MuhamadBodybuildingLight Heavyweight (90kg)Silver2002
Amir ZainalBodybuildingBantamweight (65kg)Bronze2002
Li Jiawei
Jing Junhong
Zhang Xueling
Tan Paey Fern
Table TennisWomen's TeamBronze2002
Sarah Tan Wei LinSailingOptimist GirlsBronze2002
Abdul Halim HaronBodybuildingBantamweight (65kg)Gold2002
Tan Wearn Haw
Chung Pei Ming
Sailing470 MenBronze2002
Nurhisham Adam
Eddie Abdul Kadri
Mohamad Fami Mohamed
Shamsaimon Sabtu
Sharil Abdul Shukor
Sepak TakrawMen's ReguBronze2002
Joseclin YeoSwimming100m ButterflyBronze2002
Li JiaweiTable TennisWomen's SinglesBronze2002
Remy OngBowlingMen SinglesGold2002
Liew Yin YinWushuTaijiquan - Two Events CombinedBronze2002
Simon Chua Ling FungBodybuildingWelterweight (75kg)Gold2002
Li Jia Wei
Yang Zi
Table TennisMixed DoublesBronze2006
Kwang Tien Mei Michelle
Teo Hui Ying Valerie
BowlingWomen's DoublesGold2006
Liu Xiaman Justin
Cheng Feng Yuan Sherman
Sailing420 MenGold2006
Soh Khyan Tat MaximilianSailingLaser MenGold2006
Tan Wei Lin Sarah
Lim Tze Ting
Sailing420 WomenGold2006
Cheng Xin Ru ColinSailingLaser 4.7 OpenGold2006
Tan Hsiao Loong Ivan
Wong Ming Ho Justin
Tay Renfred
Teo Wee Chin
Tay Jun Hao Roy
SailingKeelboat Match-Racing Beneteau 7.5 OpenGold2006
Tao LiSwimming50 Butterfly (W)Gold2006
Lee Yu-Wen
Remy Ong
Yeong-Nathan Jason
BowlingMen's TriosSilver2006
Remy OngBowlingMen's MastersSilver2006
Xu Yuan Zhen
Terence Koh
Sailing470 MenSilver2006
Toh Li Ying
Elizabeth Tan Li Yong
Sailing470 WomenSilver2006
Koh Seng LeongSailingLaser Radial OpenSilver2006
Ser Xiang Wei Jasmine
Ser Xiang Ying Adrienne
Yong Yu Zhen Vanessa
ShootingWomen's 10m Air Rifle TeamSilver2006
Li Jia Wei
Sun Bei Bei
Tan Paey Fern
Tan Yan Zhen
Zhang Xue Ling
Table TennisWomen's TeamSilver2006
Li Li
Li Yujia
Neo Yu Yan Vanessa
Shinta Mulia Sari
Liu Fan Frances
Siti Noor Ashikin Binte Leman
Jiang Yanmei
Xing Aiying
BadmintonWomen's TeamBronze2006
Ibrahim SihatBodybuildingMen's Flyweight 60kgBronze2006
Mohammed Ismail Bin MuhamadBodybuildingMen's Welterweight 75kgBronze2006
Valerie Teo Hui YingBowlingWomen's All EventsBronze2006
Cherie Tan Shi Hua
Evelyn Chan Lu Ee
Valerie Teo Hui Ying
Jennifer Tan Bee Leng
Michelle Kwang Tien Mei
Sabrina Lim Li Koon
BowlingWomen's Team of Five WomenBronze2006
Peter GilchristCuesportsMen English Billard SinglesBronze2006
Sean Lee Teik RenSailingOptimist BoysBronze2006
Chung Pei Quan
Melcolm Huang Jingjie
SailingHobie 16 - OpenBronze2006
Tao LiSwimmingWomen's 100m ButterflyBronze2006
Simon Chua Ling FungBodybuildingMen Lightweight 70kgGold2006
Li Jia WeiTable TennisWomen's SinglesBronze2006
Goh Qiu BinWushuMen's Taijiquan - Two Events CombinedBronze2006
Colin Cheng XinruSailingMen's LaserSilver2010
Scott Glen SydneySailingLaser Radial OpenBronze2010
Justin Liu Xiaman
Sherman Cheng Feng Yuan
Sailing420 MenGold2010
Rachel Lee Qing
Cecilia Low Rui Qi
Sailing420 WomenGold2010
Tao LiSwimmingWomen's 50m ButterflyGold2010
Shayna Ng Lin ZhiBowlingWomen's SinglesSilver2010
Jason Yeong-Nathan
Remy Ong
BowlingMen's DoublesSilver2010
Cherie Tan Shi HuaBowlingWomen's MastersSilver2010
Cherie Tan Shi Hua
Geraldine Ng Su Yi
Shayna Ng Lin Zhi
BowlingWomen's TrioGold2010
Kimberly Lim MinSailingOptimist GirlsSilver2010
Tao LiSwimmingWomen's 100m ButterflySilver2010
Feng Tianwei
Li Jia Wei
Sun Beibei
Wang Yuegu
Yu Mengyu
Table TennisWomen's TeamSilver2010
Peter GilchristCuesportsMen's English Billiards Singles Long-UpBronze2010
New Hui FenBowlingWomen's SinglesBronze2010
Dawn Liu Xiaodan
Tam Shiu Wan Siobhan
Sailing470 WomenBronze2010
Ryan Lo Jun HanSailingOptimist BoysBronze2010
Teo Wee Chin
Wong Ming Ho Justin
SailingHobie 16 OpenBronze2010
Feng TianweiTable TennisWomen SinglesBronze2014
Kimberly Lim
Savannah Siew
Sailing420 womenGold2014
Joseph SchoolingSwimming100m men's butterflyGoldAsian Games Record 51.762014
Jodie LaiSailingOptimist womenGold2014
Feng Tianwei
Isabelle Li
Lin Ye
Yu Mengyu
Zhou Yihan
Table TennisWomen's teamBronze2014
Maximilian Soh
Justin Wong
Andrew Paul Chan
Russell Kan
Christopher Lim
SailingMatch racing keelboatGold2014
New Hui Fen
Shayna Ng
Cherie Tan
Daphne Tan
Jazreel Tan
Joey Yeo
SailingWomen's team of 5Gold2014
Joseph SchoolingSwimming50m men's butterflySilver2014
Tao LiSwimming50m women's butterflySilver2014
Jazreel TanBowlingWomen's singlesSilver2014
Cherie Tan
Jazreel Tan
New Hui Fen
BowlingWomen's triosSilver2014
Priscilla Low
Cecilia Low
Sailing29er womenSilver2014
Raynn KwokSailingOptimist menSilver2014
Lim Wei WenFencingMen's Individual EpeeBronze2014
Muhammad Farhan Bin Amran
Muhammad Hafiz Nor Izam Bin Jaafar
Eddy Nor Shafiq Bin Sahari
Sepak TakrawMen's doublesBronze2014
Tao LiSwimming100m women's butterflyBronze2014
Joseph SchoolingSwimming200m men's butterflyBronze2014
Gai BinShooting25m centre fire pistol menBronze2014
Gai Bin
Poh Lip Meng
Nigel Lim Swee Hon
Shooting25m standard pistol men's teamBronze2014
Colin ChengSailingLaser men's one person dinghyBronze2014
Loh Jiayi
Jonathan Yeo
Sailing420 menBronze2014
Tan Yan NiWushuWomen's ChangquanBronze2014
Jazreel TanBowlingWomen's all eventsBronze2014
Gao Ning
Li Hu
Table TennisMen's doublesBronze2014
Danny Yeo
Pang Sheng Jun
Teo Zhen Ren
Clement Lim
SwimmingMen's 4x200m freestyle relayBronze2014
Joseph SchoolingSwimmingMen 50m ButterflyGold2018
Joseph SchoolingSwimmingMen 100m ButterflyGoldGames record2018
Poon Hua
Loo Choon Chou
Zhang Yukun
Fong Kien Hoong
Desmond Oh Feng Gui
Kelvin Ong Yisheng
Contract BridgeMen TeamGold2018
Kimberly Lim Min
Cecilia Low Rui Qi
SailingWomen's 49er Skiff FXGold2018
Roanne HoSwimmingWomen's 50m BreaststrokeSilver2018
Constance LienJu-JitsuWomen's Under 62kgSilver2018
Sheik Ferdous Bin Sheik Alau'ddinPencak Silat

Men's Tanding Class I (85-90kg)Silver2018
Nurzuhairah Binte Mohd YazidPencak SilatArtistic Women's Tunggal (Singles)Silver2018
Joseph Schooling
Danny Yeo
Jonathan Tan
Quah Zheng Wen
Darren Chua
Glen Lim
SwimmingMen's 4x200m Freestyle RelayBronze2018
Joseph Schooling
Darren Chua
Darren Lim
Quah Zheng Wen
Danny Yeo
Jonathan Tan
SwimmingMen's 4x100m Freestyle RelayBronze2018
Hoong En Qi
Quah Ting Wen
Quah Jing Wen
Samantha Louisa Yeo Ginn
Cherlyn Yeoh
SwimmingWomen's 4x100m Medley RelayBronze2018
Bernice Lim Hui Ying
Joey Yeo Ruiqi
Daphne Tan Shi Jing
BowlingWomen's TriosBronze2018
Muhammad Jaris Goh
Alex Chong
Darren Ong
BowlingMen's TriosBronze2018
Maxine Wong
Tatiana Wong
Melanie Huang
Amita Berthier
FencingWomen's Team FoilBronze2018
Nurul Shafiqah Binte Mohd SaifulPencak SilatWomen's Tanding Class B (50-55kg)Bronze2018
Sheik Farhan Bin Sheik Alau'ddinPencak SilatMen's Tanding Class J (90-95kg)Bronze2018
Siti Khadijah Binte Mohd ShahremPencak SilatWomen's Tanding Class C (55-60kg)Bronze2018
Ryan LoSailingMen's Laser StandardBronze2018
Mohamad Farhan Bin Amran
Muhammad A'fif Bin Safiee
Muhammad Asri Bin Aron
Muhammad Farhan Bin Aman
Asfandi Bin Ja'al
Sepak TakrawMen's ReguBronze2018
Mohamad Farhan Bin Amran
Muhammad A'fif Bin Safiee
Muhammad Asri Bin Aron
Mohamad Alhaj Bin Kasmanani
Muhammad Farhan Bin Aman
Muhammad Khairilshamy Bin Shamsudin
Sepak TakrawMen's QuadrantBronze2018
Mervyn Toh YingjieCanoeMen's K1 200mBronze2018
Yu MengyuTable TennisWomen's SinglesBronze2018
1986South KoreaSeoulMr Goh Yong Hong
1990ChinaBeijing Mr Goh Yong Hong
1994Japan HiroshimaDr Tan Eng Liang
1998ThailandBangkokMr Chng Jit Koon
2002South KoreaBusanDr Tan Eng Liang
2006QatarDohaMs Annabel Pennefather
2010ChinaGuangzhouMr Low Teo Ping
2014South KoreaIncheonMrs Jessie Phua
2018IndonesiaJakarta / PalembangMr Lee Wung Yew
Mr Mohammed Azhar Bin Yusof (Assistant Chef de Mission)
Ms Ruth Ng (Assistant Chef de Mission)