CALLING ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS! We’re looking for a photo deserving of the Best Sports Photo Award

The winning photo by Danny Toh in 2017

30 Mar 2018

Singapore Sports Awards 2018 – “Best Sports Photo” Award

Terms and Conditions

1. Objectives
1.1 The Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) is pleased to invite interested participants to participate in the Best Sports Photo Award for the 2018 Singapore Sports Awards. The award aims to recognise excellence in sports photography and encourage the photography community to maintain a sustained interest in sports.

1.2 The SNOC is looking for a well-taken photograph that captures the essence of Singaporeans competing or participating in sport, or of a Singapore-based sports event.

2. Criteria
2.1 Entries received will be judged on the basis of theme relevance, technical quality, composition, originality, creativity, artistic merit and style.

2.2 Entries must be original work of a photographer who is a Singapore citizen or resident in Singapore. Entries must be related to Singaporeans competing or participating in sport, or of a Singapore-based sports event.

2.3 Entries must include a complete caption in English including date and location of shot, and camera specifications such as type of camera used, information about the lens, exposure and aperture. Entries must be accompanied by photographer’s name, nationality, identification number/passport number, address, contact number and email address.

2.4 Entries should accurately reflect the subject matter as it appears in the viewfinder. Minimal manipulation should be exercised. Removal of dust spots, minimal cropping and normal processing of RAW and JPEG image files are acceptable. There shall not be any additions to the photo. Any manipulation of photo should be disclosed upon entry.

2.5 Entries must be taken between 1 January to 31 December 2017.

2.6 Each person may submit one (1) entry for award consideration only. Entries should not include watermarks, borders or signatures.

3. How to enter
3.1 Submit entries to SNOC with the subject title “Singapore Sports Awards 2018 – Best Sports Photo of the Year” to by 20 May 2018, 6.00pm. Photos should be submitted in JPEG format with a minimum size ratio of 1800 x 1200 and a maximum file size of 3MB.

3.2 Failure to supply requested materials on time may lead to disqualification.

3.3 Only shortlisted entries as finalists will be contacted via email.

4. Prize money
4.1 S$1,000 cash, a certificate and a plaque will be awarded to the winner.

5. Judging process
5.1 An independent judging panel will select the finalists and vote via a secret ballot on the winning photo. All entries will be reviewed on a blind judging process. The winner will be announced at the Singapore Sports Awards on 18 July 2018.

5.2 An auditor appointed by the SNOC will preside at the panel meeting to conduct the voting process.

6. Acknowledgement and responsibilities of participants
6.1 Only finalists will be acknowledged in the Singapore Sports Awards programme booklet. The participants, by entry, will give the rights to the SNOC to use the photo for any promotional purposes without prior consent and any remuneration of the owners. The SNOC reserves the right to crop or edit the photo for such usage. Photo credit will be attributed to the participant.

6.2 Content of all photos submitted is the responsibility of each participant. It is the responsibility of each participant to obtain all relevant model and/or property releases. By submitting images each participant assures that all images are their original works and no copyright and/or trademark infringement rights have been violated. It is not the responsibility of the SNOC to obtain model and/or property release forms or to assure/examine protection of trademark infringement rights.

6.3 The participant accepts all risks of personal injury, property damage or loss of any nature whatsoever that may arise from his/her participation in the contest and will not in any way hold the SNOC responsible for any liability, loss, damage, expense and cost which he/she may sustain or incur as a result of his/her participation, except for liability which cannot be excluded by law.

6.4 Members on the judging panel and staff of the SNOC are not allowed to enter. Participants who are employed as professional photographers should submit with their entries their employers’ permission and endorsement to participate.

6.5 The SNOC reserves the right to change, amend or remove any of the Terms and Conditions of the award without prior notice.

– END –