Extra boost to 14 NSAs for 2015 SEA Games preparations

SNOC disburses $300,000 to help NSAs improve their performance for 2015 SEA Games

19 Nov 2014

Singapore, 18 November 2014 – The Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) announced additional funding of close to $300,000 to 14 National Sports Associations (NSAs) for the purpose of boosting their high performance training programmes in preparation for the 2015 SEA Games.

The extra funding complements Sport Singapore’s “The Final Push” support programme. Sport Singapore (SportSG) announced in June this year that they will allocate additional funds customised to support more than 200 athletes across different sports to prepare for the SEA Games as part of “The Final Push” programme.

Through the recommendation of SNOC’s Special Training Assistance Committee (STAC) and Singapore Sports Institute (SSI), the additional funding will go towards supporting the NSAs so that all Team Singapore athletes can also be competitive at the Games.

Said Dr Tan Eng Liang, Chairman of the STAC and Chairman of the Advisory Committee for National Olympic Committees and Sports for the 2015 SEA Games, to all the NSAs at a briefing today, “The Special Training Assistance Committee is grateful for the support from the Singapore National Olympic Council and Sport Singapore to prepare the athletes for the 2015 SEA Games. The joint efforts from SNOC and SportSG will help the NSAs to realise their goals at the 2015 SEA Games.”

“During our meetings with the NSAs, we constantly stress the importance of prudent preparation and open selection process for major games to ensure that the best athletes are nominated to the SNOC for selection to represent Singapore at the major games.”

Said Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Minister of Manpower and President of Singapore National Olympic Council, “The Special Training Assistance Committee (STAC) meetings and visits are part of SNOC’s ongoing efforts to help NSAs and athletes prepare themselves to represent Singapore at major games. We hope this extra funding boost will give the NSAs added support in their preparation for the upcoming SEA Games, and help them fly the Singapore flag high on home ground.”

Said Steven Tan, Honorary Secretary, Singapore Waterski & Wakeboard Federation, “The funding will be used specifically to train our medal-potential athletes, selected by SNOC, leading up to the SEA Games.”

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Annex A – The 14 NSAs which will receive additional funding

  1. Singapore Judo Federation
  2. Singapore Taekwondo Federation
  3. Archery Association of Singapore
  4. Triathlon Association of Singapore
  5. Singapore Tennis Association
  6. Singapore Baseball and Softball Association
  7. Singapore Amateur Boxing Association
  8. Singapore Sepak Takraw Federation
  9. Volleyball Association of Singapore
  10. Equestrian Federation of Singapore
  11. Singapore Dragon Boat Association
  12. Sports Boules Singapore
  13. Singapore Rowing Association
  14. Singapore Waterski and Wakeboard Federation