Learn, Grow & Stay Woke – A SNOC Athletes’ Commission Webinar Series

23 Nov 2020

Hey Team Singapore athletes!

The SNOC Athletes’ Commission is bringing you a three-part series of webinars to help you to up your personal marketing game, do better at media interviews and learn the basics of financial planning.

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You™ – How to market yourself on social media

·       You as a brand

·       What do brands look for?

·       Your social media plan

·       Tools of the trade

Conducted by: Pat Law, Founder, GOODSTUPH

Pat brings with her over 15 years of digital and social advertising experience.

At GOODSTUPH, Law grew the business from a negative $10,000 loan to a multi-million agency within the first three years.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Law has since expanded the agency into Jakarta and Bangkok.

Save, Protect, Grow – Learn the basics of financial literacy


·       Tips to taking a disciplined approach to saving

·       Emergency funds

·       Ways to save smarter: How to get more bang for your bucks


·       The essential need for insurance

·       Life insurance vs term insurance

·       Should you buy a savings plan?


·       Making your money work for you

·       Saving 100k before you are 30

Conducted by: Aaron Low, Partner, The Nutgraf

Aaron Low is the founding partner of The Nutgraf, a content agency in Singapore. He used to be a deputy business editor at the Straits Times, covering economics, equity markets and personal finance. He has given multiple talks to the public on personal and family finance, and is a keen follower of value investing.

How to build your public persona in the media

The athlete’s personal brand

·       What is your personal brand

·       Gain clarity on your public persona

The media and sporting events

·       What the media wants

·       Understanding how the media work, what they are after when covering sport events

Your media message

·       Preparing for media interviews

·       Getting your messages heard and used

Interview techniques

·       Learn how to handle tricky questions

Conducted by: Sharon Tong and Hwee Goh, The Media Consultants

Sharon Tong has 20 years of experience as a TV journalist and news presenter on Channel NewsAsia. From covering politics to national disasters, you would have seen her fronting many major news events, notably the Singapore General Elections and the state funeral of Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Behind the scenes, Sharon also trains news reporters and presenters, helping them sharpen their skills as journalists and mentoring them in their voice and presentation abilities.

Hwee Goh is the strategic communications and editorial specialist at The Media Consultants. She spent six years as news editor at MediaCorp news, adjudicating on the day’s news releases and coverage for the various news bulletins. Before that, she was on the Press Corp for then-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, then-Deputy PM Lee Hsien Loong and Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. (1996- 2002).

Hwee worked closely with many ministries and corporations on all areas of news coverage including policy, crisis, and bilaterally-sensitive news events in her many years as journalist and editor.