Letter from SNOC President

26 Nov 2015

26 November 2015

To all Presidents, Executive Committee Members and Honorary Secretaries of SNOC-affiliated NSAs

Dear Colleagues

Recently, the international sports domain has been beset by bribery, corruption and doping scandals. The details of the accusations and wrongdoings are shocking, amplified by crises in not just one sport but also several prominent ones.

In light of these crises, we must remind ourselves of our purpose and the responsibilities we have on hand, and to conduct ourselves and act above board at all times.

Our National Sports Associations

Many of you have served your respective associations and sports for many years. Over the years, you have gained the trust and support of your members to be elected to serve the sport and community you represent.

As elected officers, we are assigned power and responsibilities to manage and decide on affairs related to sports and the organisations in our custody.

The foundation and success we have achieved thus far is the result of the efforts of our predecessors and pioneers, who started from little and with lesser resources we have today. We have come a long way. It is our duty and responsibility to safeguard this legacy, and also our desire for future generations of leaders to continue to do the same.

Our Athletes

Our athletes are at the epicentre of the work we do. The decisions we make and the policies we set directly impact our athletes. We must continue to help them to develop their sporting potential and if possible, help them to realise their sporting ambitions. This means working together with all stakeholders –staff, parents, schools, coaches, employers, etc. – to make the most out of the finite resources we have. We must work together, in the interests of our athletes and the development of sport, and not to be disrupted by other irrelevant demands and unnecessary distractions.

Our Values

Our deeds and actions reflect the values we espouse. Carry out your duties and responsibilities in good faith. Separate your official duties from your personal interests and do not exploit your positions for personal gain.

Good governance

Be prudent and humble in your management, maintain good financial discipline, ensure proper audit of systems, practise fair selection processes and adopt transparency and openness when communicating with your stakeholders. Be aware of any conflict of interests and declare them openly. Remain vigilant, be responsible and uphold the good name of yourselves and the community you represent.

Olympic Charter

It is the constitutional duty of the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) to ensure the observance of the Olympic Charter in Singapore. It is also the duty of our members and affiliates to uphold and observe the Olympic Charter and the SNOC Constitution.

Colleagues, let us continue to promote sports and provide opportunities for our athletes and officials to excel in sport without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit. The future of sports in Singapore is in your hands, so let us play a positive role in creating more milestones and achievements to celebrate – together as a fraternity and as a nation.

Yours sincerely

Tan Chuan-Jin
Singapore National Olympic Council