Moments of Olympic proportions: 5 videos to watch

19 Mar 2020

Looking for some sport to watch, while many of us stay indoors? We’ve found some of the best Olympic films and content available online for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home:

1. When the Stars Align tells of the heartwarming stories of Singapore’s first women Olympians – Tang Pui Wah, Mary Klass and Janet Jesudason. The tender yet stirring documentary shares the passion of their athletic achievements, and captures the challenges and taboos the octogenarians had to maneuvre back in the 1950s and 1960s as women in sports, and as Singapore elite sport’s pioneers. Also, check out the series of documentaries featuring some of Singapore’s most prolific athletes on the SNOC’s YouTube channel.


2. There are creative ways of staying fit, even indoors. Check out a series of videos from athletes sharing their home workout ideas on the Olympic Channel.

You ain’t seen nothing yet… on the Olympic Channel! Launched in 2016, the multi-platform channel offers hours of original films and series streaming. One of their originals is The Golden Generation, a story about how a once-in-a-generation Argentina basketball team brought down the “Dream Team” from the United States to win gold at the 2004 Olympic Games.

Download the Olympic Channel mobile app and you can access Olympic content anytime, anywhere.


3. Colin Schooling, father of Singapore’s Olympic champion Joseph Schooling, said this to The Straits Times recently: “Initially, for the first two years, I watched it nearly every day. Sometimes three times a day. In my perception it was the most perfect race he ever had. Now I watch it once in a while.”

Who can forget the Rio 2016 Olympic Games men’s 100m butterfly event, where Joseph won Singapore’s first Olympic gold, while Michael Phelps (USA), Chad le Clos (RSA) and Laszlo Cseh (HUN) all took silver? We can’t get enough of this race either.


4. A spectacle of magnificent proportions, Kon Ichikawa’s Tokyo Olympiad ranks among the greatest documents of sport ever committed to film. Examine the beauty and rich drama on display at the 1964 Olympic Games – the first to be held in Asia – through Ichikawa’s lens. It’s a catalogue of extraordinary observations.


5. Was it a symphony of British music, or the London 2012 Olympic Games closing ceremony? This 210-minute ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in London featured the best of British pop culture, and included tributes to John Lennon and Freddie Mercury. This mix of pageant, pop-concert, street-party and presentation ceremony saw some of the biggest pop acts like Pet Shop Boys, George Michael, Muse, Spice Girls and Take That perform.