Technical Training Courses

Logo Olympic SolidarityTraining programs for coaches, officials and athletes are funded annually through the IOC-sponsored Olympic Solidarity program. The IOC offers such funding opportunities to all National Olympic Committees, with a particular emphasis on countries still developing a sports culture. The local sports associations work with the NOC and the International Federation to organize technical courses to raise the skills of local coaches and officials. Athletes benefit indirectly benefit from the upgrading of coaches and officials.

The SNOC is responsible for evaluating and approving all proposals for courses. The International Federation will nominate the international experts to conduct the program. Typically, the first course will focus on Level 1 coaching skills. Subsequent programs can then focus on Level 2.

Over the past several years, the SNOC has funded upgrading seminars run by the Basketball Association of Singapore, the Volleyball Association of Singapore and the Singapore Ice Skating Association. We also reach out to physical education teachers through the Singapore Olympic Academy. By co-opting teachers, we deliver the Olympic message to the next generation of competitive athletes.


Sports Administration Program

The Sports Administrator Program is a comprehensive seven-week course to improve the knowledge and management skills of sports administrators. The course content is reinforced with an emphasis on the goals of the Olympic Movement. Topics covered include Fair Play, Women and Sports, Doping Control, Sports Medicine and other issues relating to management, coaching and athlete development of sport organisations. To date, some 273 people involved in sports administration have taken the program.