‘Perform with pride, passion and integrity’

Mr Tan Chuan-Jin with the Softball Women's Team. Photo: SNOC

21 May 2015

Singapore, The New Paper, 21 May 2015 – Some of Singapore’s national athletes received some surprise encouragement yesterday when they were visited by Minister Tan Chuan-Jin, President of the Singapore National Olympic Council, also the Minister for Social and Family Development.

He paid them a visit as they were preparing for the upcoming South-east Asian (SEA) Games.

Speaking to athletes and officials from squash, traditional boat race, archery, softball and judo, he said: “Team Singapore is not just about our athletes, but also includes all Singaporeans.

“Let’s rally around them regardless of the results and outcomes and cheer them on.”

Of the five sports, four – traditional boat race, archery, softball and judo – were among the 14 National Sports Associations who received extra funding through the SNOC Special Training Assistance Committee’s recommendation.

Tan also told the athletes: “Every sport is important whether we are winning or not.

“Fly our flag high and perform with pride, passion and integrity.”