SNOC Women in Sport Committee

The Women in Sport Committee (WSC) was formed under the Singapore National Olympic Council to meet the needs and aspirations of women and girls in sport.

The members are appointed by the SNOC to serve a two-year term (2019-2021). They are:

Teoh Chin Sim (Chair)
May Ooi (Vice-Chair)
Grace Chng (Honorary Secretary)
Dolly Lo
Melanie Martens
Shayna Ng
Ning Li
Christopher Wong
Joscelin Yeo

Our Vision:
Women and girls to live better and healthier lives through sports and exercise.

Our Mission:
To create opportunities that will positively impact the transformation of women and girls in and through sports and exercise.

Our CoRE values:

– Courage to speak and stand up for one’s rights in sport to accomplish aspired levels of sporting achievement

– Equality to ensure fair and equal treatment of women in all positions on and off the sports field.

– Respect for women athletes as individuals, to provide adequate facilities and development paths for women in all sports.

Women and girls are on a lifelong journey towards health and fitness. The WSC believes that women and girls of all ages are entitled to safety and equality in the arena of sports and exercise at any level of involvement. The WSC strives to engage, support and empower women and girls as they go through this journey.

The WSC has identified several areas to focus on, including:

– leadership in sport
– leadership, coaching and athlete mentoring
– health and nutrition
– safety in sport
– education and research

The WSC hopes to facilitate the development of policies, strategies and programmes, and organise resources necessary to support these areas.

Networking and collaboration with other sport and sport-related organisations will be a key role for WSC acting as a liaison and representative of the SNOC for women in local and international sport matters.

To contact the SNOC Women in Sport Committee, please email